Sunday, 16 January 2011

Guest post - Slosh Cans

Slosh Can

The cheap alternative to keg lifting.


As a Hobo Gym owner I’m quite partial to cheap and effective equipment, I have always wanted to pick up keg for some conditioning work but I have never managed to get one, I was also put off at the time because I didn’t know how to open one and fill it.

A friend of a friend donated the above items to me for free and I think they are a worthy keg substitute, the ones above are filled with 15kg of water, like I said in the video below it’s a decent weight for beginners, I reckon I can get up to the 20kg mark quiet easily on these, I use the duct tape as an easy reference for how much weight there is, this makes it nice and easy to adjust up and down as you see fit, another larger standard bucket is a good idea for quick weight additions/detractions if you need to. The only downside to these cans are the lids aren’t 100% watertight so you need to make sure the positioning is right on some exercises, you could give yourself a good dousing after a hard workout if you so wish.

Below I will discuss some exercises I like with the Slosh Cans, they are featured in the video.

Double Swings – I prefer swinging the cans on the outside of the legs, the towels also add a nice grip element to it, the grips are actually o.k on these I just prefer the towels. If you can’t afford kettlebells at least you could get some swings in with these. Swinging the cans inside the legs feels awkward to me but feel free to give it a bash if you wish.

Single arm rows/Bent over rows/High pulls – I won’t insult you guys here with exercise descriptions, I still like to use towels with these.

Farmers walks/Suitcase walks –The sloshing water and towel grip make these rather fun.

Bearhug walk/Zercher carry – Again the sloshing of the water make this fun, try to go as fast as possible to make it slosh harder.

Overhead Press – This is where the sloshing really kicks in, the more tired you get the more it sloshes as well, not in the video how I turned the can before pressing, this is avoid being dribbled upon.

There’s a load more you can do with these.

Loading – I have a makeshift loading platform made up of sawhorses and planks of wood, I have used to load a sandbag for time before and it was a puker, I’m looking forward to trying it with the cans. Loading races against a training partner would also be a good way to up the ante.

Overhead carry – This should be fun, it might give me a concave head but it’s worth a try.

I’m sure a lot of the sandbag exercises transfer over to the cans, have a play around and let me know how you get on.