Saturday, 4 December 2010

Simbo-gym - Carrickmines, Dublin.

Simon form Dublin sent me these photos of his Hobo GYm set up - the Simbo - gym
Aluminium free standing pull up bar, garden post DIY base!, Garage Gym bumpers.

 Myself and my wife have decided that if we cant get done to our beloved Crossfit Ireland that we would rather work out on our own in the back garden then go to a soul less standard run of the mill gym... So we started to buy a few bits and pieces....and so Simbogym was born....

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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Friday, 26 November 2010

Krausz Alfred's home gym, Transylvania, Romania.

Krausz Alfred's home gym, Transylvania, Romania.
Photo taken from
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Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Lifting in a Hobo Gym can and does produce results, but you have to focus
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Monday, 8 November 2010

Adjustable plyo box

Schwinners over at Warrior Training has come up with a fantastic adjustable plyo box - check out the following how-to guide straight from his sight and the video too

First thing to get was some treated exterior grade wood - some 2x4, 2x6 and 2x8, as I wanted it to be built like a tank!

A frame was then constructed. The uprights are 50" tall 2x8, with 2x4 attached at 90 degrees to minimise flex. The bottom bit connecting the two uprights is a piece of 2x6 measuring 24". Where the uprights connect to the bottom, there is a mish mash of small pieces of wood which I kind of made up as I was going along but it seems to work! There are then two bits of 2x4 that act as lateral supports to minimise rocking. All attached using exterior wood glue and 3" decking screws. The frame looks like this:

After two coats of fence/shed preservative it looks like this:

On each upright there are 16mm holes drilled on both sides, to allow two M16 bolts to be passed through and attach to a 8" piece of 2x4. This acts as the support to hold the platform in place. The fit is so tight at the moment that it doesn't require a nut to hold in place, but I have purchased some in case:

The platform is constructed using two 24" pieces of 2x6, attached/held together by a 12" piece of 2x4. In the corners are small offcuts of 2x4, spaced 8" apart:

This allows the platform to literally just sit like so:

In place the platform looks like this - which makes up the jumping surface:

So there it is. This cost me approximately £50 to construct, most of which was for the wood, some money for the bolts/nuts and some money for the preservative. I already had the wood glue and screws from earlier projects. It currently lives outside on my patio (raised up on four small bits of 2x4 to stop it from getting damp underneath) and is holding up well.

To date I have drilled up 6 heights - 12", 18", 24", 30", 36" and 40". Theoretically it can go upto 50" (yet to be tested) and I can add new heights in between as needed by simply drilling two holes on each upright. 

Below is a video showing it in action:

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Home made farmers walk handles

A fine pair of hme made farmers walk handles from Damien Murphy. Damien made these for the guys at CrossFit Fife from scraps of metal he acquired from his work. I will be trying these bad boys out on Monday when I hed to Fife for a workout
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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Mikes Hobo Gym

Another great addition to the Hobo Gym revolution this time from Mike, a fellow user of the Warrior Training Forum

The white clubs are made from roller I salvaged from an old machine, the plate loadables are and old bar cut in half with balls welded on and the blue ones are made from archetectural metalworking pieces.

The cage is abot 90 quids worth of fittings and some old reclaimed washing line posts and some scaffold bar.

Approx 240KG of bumper plates from ebay plus probably 300plus kilos of inch plates variously made into dumbells and lying loose, these are mostly out of skips after I had my first 200 kilos stolen.
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Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Super Macs Gym - The Hobo Hurt Locker

The Hobo Hurt Locker

Gym Location- Newport, South Wales

Owner- Andy McKenzie aka Super Mac


x2 Olympic Bars
300kg+ of weights both bumper and standard olympic
x1 Strongman Log (60kg)
BeaverFit Lifting Platform
BeaverFit Chin Up Rack
BeaverFit Weights Storage Rack

Beer Kegs x2
Sandbag 40kg
Various thick rope (32mm and 50mm manila)
Fat Gripz
x2 Cannon Balls
Wrist Roller and various pipes to blast the forearms!
Ab Roller Wheel
Farmers Walk Handles

DB Rack with DBs from 5kg to 30kg
KB x2 20kg and x2 16kg and x1 24kg
Wooden Indian Clubs x2
10kg Club x2
6kg Clubs x2
Woody Bands Green and Black Strength
Gymnastic Rings
BeaverFit Plyo boxes 200mm, 500mm and 600mm

Things that I will be getting soon-

Wall Ball Rack and frame on the wall that will have my gymnastic rings on for muscle ups!!
Airdyne Bike
New Plate rack with chalk bowl and bar holders

Cardio- is my driveway which is a nice little hill- perfect for my Snatch and Hill Sprint Session- 50kg 20 reps down to 1....Nice!
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Saturday, 14 August 2010

Home made multi height plyo box

Another great piece of home made equipment from Tom at Warrior Training - a multi height plyo box

The box allows jumps to 16, 20 and 24inches all using same box

More photos can be found HERE

Check out this video to see Tom demonstrate some box jump variations

Thursday, 5 August 2010

More photos from R.T's gym

I received some more photos from R.T from his Hobo Gym, looks like a superb set up with lots of home made kit

Thick handle dumbells, home made kettlebell and a use for small plates

Home made trapeze pull up bar

A log with hooks screwed into it to drag along with a rope. This was really tough work, absolutely fries your legs. Other logs were good to carry and press, too.

That's it for now, I hope you like the pictures,

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Friday, 30 July 2010

Mark Felixs Hobo Gym

I so want to go here to train!

Owen Birds Hobo Gym, between Gloucester and Bristol

My hobo is up and running.

The way I designed it was this - I wrote out a list of all the equipment I wanted, and then went about sourcing it as cheap as I could. It took a long time to round up all the little bits and pieces and get everything just right. The decorating took forever.

I don't have exclusive access though, I have to share this facility with a couple of bats and some bird's nests.

Equipment - Squat stands (free), power bar (£20), bumper plates (lots), bench (out of shots).

It's located near the M5 between Gloucester and Bristol, and open for visitors.

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Monday, 26 July 2010

R.T's Hobo gym - England

Hello - here are some pictures of my home gym for you to post on your blog if you wish. I'd also like to say hi to my fans over at Power and Bulk.

The first item of workout equipment I got was an 18kg adjustable dumbbell set back in 2002. Since then I've acquired a lot more stuff, some of which is dismantled and packed away, waiting for a larger, indoor space. For now I have things arranged outdoors:

A fairly complete list of my stuff:


2 x 20kg

4 x 25kg

4 x 30kg

2 x 40kg

1 x 48kg

1 x 3-inch thick DB handle

6 other DB handles, various


About 500kg in total, max 160 available for the oly bar, the rest are standard plates


One 6ft oly bar

6 standard bars, various shapes and sizes


DB rack to hold 20 DBs

Plate tree


One flat bench, two adjustable benches

Wall-mounted power rack

Preacher-curl seat

Two wooden squat stands


100kg stack-loading preacher curl

vertical leg press

Other shit

home-made kettlebell, 25kg

60kg sandbag

HeavyGrips grippers, # 100 and 150

chin/dip belt

Several rocks and pieces of concrete

probably some other bits I've forgotten about 



I have some more photos of this set up that I will post later in the week.

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Scott Deebys Hobo Gym - Arnprior, Ontario Canada

I really dig your hobo gym blog! 

Attached are pics of my basement gym -- the power rack I made from lumber, bolted construction.

The white board is a panel from a busted clothes dryer, and the chalk bucket on the wall is a kitty litter container. Most of the plates and bars I got second hand from the YMCA.

 I made the platform from some leftover hardwood flooring that my friend gave to me.


I'm not a cheap bastard, but I have a limited budget, and I really believe in DIY.

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