Monday, 26 July 2010

R.T's Hobo gym - England

Hello - here are some pictures of my home gym for you to post on your blog if you wish. I'd also like to say hi to my fans over at Power and Bulk.

The first item of workout equipment I got was an 18kg adjustable dumbbell set back in 2002. Since then I've acquired a lot more stuff, some of which is dismantled and packed away, waiting for a larger, indoor space. For now I have things arranged outdoors:

A fairly complete list of my stuff:


2 x 20kg

4 x 25kg

4 x 30kg

2 x 40kg

1 x 48kg

1 x 3-inch thick DB handle

6 other DB handles, various


About 500kg in total, max 160 available for the oly bar, the rest are standard plates


One 6ft oly bar

6 standard bars, various shapes and sizes


DB rack to hold 20 DBs

Plate tree


One flat bench, two adjustable benches

Wall-mounted power rack

Preacher-curl seat

Two wooden squat stands


100kg stack-loading preacher curl

vertical leg press

Other shit

home-made kettlebell, 25kg

60kg sandbag

HeavyGrips grippers, # 100 and 150

chin/dip belt

Several rocks and pieces of concrete

probably some other bits I've forgotten about 



I have some more photos of this set up that I will post later in the week.

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  1. how much weight wooden squat stands hold and it is strong enough ? i want to build one like those/

  2. They're terrible - don't bother. I meant to put some diagonal braces on them but never got around to it. In the end I cut them down and used the spare wood to do just that, and now I use them to hold the bar for benching.