Monday, 12 July 2010

Where are other Hobo Gyms?

I put a status update on my Facebook page asking for details of other peoples and I got a lot of responses - from the UK and also form over seas. I am going to post details of these centres of awesomeness as and when I get them.

First off we have Matt Mecham, here is what he wrote -

Hi Davie,

I workout from a spare room in the house. All my kit is stowed away when not in use so no pics as such

Area: Peterborough PE3
Kit: KBs - 12kg 16kg 24kg
DBs: Bowflex 2-21kg
Weights: Bar and 160kg plates (20s, 10s, down to 0.50kgs)
Woody bands (black, blue, red, green)
Jump Rope
Chin Bar
Eilte Rings
York Squat Stands
Bench (flat/decline/incline)
5kg Med Ball

Do all kinds of stuff from olly lifts to metcons

Never stepped foot into a globo gym and never will.

- Matt Mecham

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