Friday, 30 July 2010

Mark Felixs Hobo Gym

I so want to go here to train!

Owen Birds Hobo Gym, between Gloucester and Bristol

My hobo is up and running.

The way I designed it was this - I wrote out a list of all the equipment I wanted, and then went about sourcing it as cheap as I could. It took a long time to round up all the little bits and pieces and get everything just right. The decorating took forever.

I don't have exclusive access though, I have to share this facility with a couple of bats and some bird's nests.

Equipment - Squat stands (free), power bar (£20), bumper plates (lots), bench (out of shots).

It's located near the M5 between Gloucester and Bristol, and open for visitors.

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Monday, 26 July 2010

R.T's Hobo gym - England

Hello - here are some pictures of my home gym for you to post on your blog if you wish. I'd also like to say hi to my fans over at Power and Bulk.

The first item of workout equipment I got was an 18kg adjustable dumbbell set back in 2002. Since then I've acquired a lot more stuff, some of which is dismantled and packed away, waiting for a larger, indoor space. For now I have things arranged outdoors:

A fairly complete list of my stuff:


2 x 20kg

4 x 25kg

4 x 30kg

2 x 40kg

1 x 48kg

1 x 3-inch thick DB handle

6 other DB handles, various


About 500kg in total, max 160 available for the oly bar, the rest are standard plates


One 6ft oly bar

6 standard bars, various shapes and sizes


DB rack to hold 20 DBs

Plate tree


One flat bench, two adjustable benches

Wall-mounted power rack

Preacher-curl seat

Two wooden squat stands


100kg stack-loading preacher curl

vertical leg press

Other shit

home-made kettlebell, 25kg

60kg sandbag

HeavyGrips grippers, # 100 and 150

chin/dip belt

Several rocks and pieces of concrete

probably some other bits I've forgotten about 



I have some more photos of this set up that I will post later in the week.

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Friday, 23 July 2010

Scott Deebys Hobo Gym - Arnprior, Ontario Canada

I really dig your hobo gym blog! 

Attached are pics of my basement gym -- the power rack I made from lumber, bolted construction.

The white board is a panel from a busted clothes dryer, and the chalk bucket on the wall is a kitty litter container. Most of the plates and bars I got second hand from the YMCA.

 I made the platform from some leftover hardwood flooring that my friend gave to me.


I'm not a cheap bastard, but I have a limited budget, and I really believe in DIY.

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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Brendhan Greens Hobo gym, Larkspur California

The world domination of Hobo Gyms continues, this time in California

My garage in lovely Larkspur, California (Marin County-just across from the Golden Gate Bridge)

It's a fully functioning garage, and my brilliant wife figured out how to get all of my stuff to fit along with the cars.

So far, I've got:

380 lbs/172 kg of bumpers
2 KBs (16 and 24 kg)
Stud bar
21"/53 cm jump box (made by my wife)
20 lb/9 kg medicine ball
parallettes (made by my wife)
white board
very loud stereo

Hot in summer, freezing in winter.  And I love it.

All are welcome!

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Monday, 19 July 2010

JIm Murrays Hobo Gym

My coach from the Softball team I used to play with, The Dalriada Demons, sent me an email with a photo of his Hobo Gym equipment, but also a lovely Hobo Gym t-shirt... LOVE IT!

Photo of my Hobo Gym store. As you can see it's under the stairs - training is in the hall, living room, stairs or street 

As well as the kit you can see (BBs + plates/DBs/KBs/rowing machine/Hobo-brand med ball/mats) we also have a pull-up bar, push-up stands, grips and a jump rope. 

Looking into making some bigger weights for farmers walks in the back garden, which has a nice slope!

Cheers, Jim

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Friday, 16 July 2010

Damien Murphys gym, West Lothian Scotland

This fantastic set up is the garage gym of Damien Murphy, who I know from the Warrior Training forum.

A great looking Hobo Gym, complete with semi-naked girlie poster

My hobo gym

75lb sandbag
dragging sled
sledge hammer
homemade reverse hyper for squat cage
7kg med ball
model D concept 2 rower
8kg clubbell
lots of rope and chain
plyo boxes from 14" to 28"
40lb weight vest
some skipping ropes
ironwoody bands
big lumps of concrete for lifting


7' + 5' olympic bars
2x olympic dumbell handles
2x thick handled dumbbell handles
hex dumbells in pairs from 12.5kg to 25kg
approx 400kg of olympic plates from 200g to 25kg.
approx 120kg of stadard plates
2x diy adjustable kettlebell handles 4kg to 42kg
squat cage with pull up bar and dip handles
gym rings
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The Crucible, Cedar Rapids, IA

I recently joined a Facebook Group for The Cruicible

They also have a blog which is HERE. The following text and pictures are taken from the blog.

The Crucible is not a fixed place. It is a philosophy. Some of our crucible is built in our basement, some is in the backyard and we find it on the streets and on the steps up the hill to the high school near our home. It is here we find the equipment we have chosen to use in our workouts.

Our drag sleds. One is an old toboggan, the other built from 4 x 4's and 2 x 10's left from new stairs and The harness Clar made using a load binder strap

Bags O' Sand. 25 pounds and 50 pounds. The bar shows one option for using them as presses or row tools. You can squat them, carry them, lift them or weight down the drag sled...use your imagination!

"It is a common misconception that one needs to belong to a fitness club or recreation center in order to reach their fitness goals. "

"This is our dip stand. It is built out of an old futon frame I salvaged out of a dumpster behind a local elementary school. It was one of the first pieces we made."

"The gym is a metaphor for what "life" used to be and can be found if one knows how seek "the gym". Unfortunately the modern "fitness club" represents what sadly passes for "life" in much of today's society..."

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Chris C's Hobo Gym

Got this email from Chris C in Newbury, England. Another awesome Hobo Gym

Hey dude, Thought I'd add my wee setup to the list of awesomeness on your blog. My hobo's my shed, or at least half of it. 

Location: Newbury, Berkshire.


Kettlebells - 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 24, 32
Med balls - 6,7 & 9kg
Bars + 193kg of plates
Hex dumbbells - 12.5kg, 15kg, 20kg
Power tower

Sledgehammer + tyre for hitting.

Rings (usually hanging off the apple tree)

Jump ropes


Squat rack

Rower (sadly not a CII).

Plus, just outside there's a scaffold A-frame for pullups etc. and a wall ball target made from a scaffoldling plank.

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Tuesday, 13 July 2010


Thanks to the elusive Wild Gorrilla Man  for sending these photos of his Hobo Gym

Looks like one serious strength and conditioning gym
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Monday, 12 July 2010

Where are other Hobo Gyms?

I put a status update on my Facebook page asking for details of other peoples and I got a lot of responses - from the UK and also form over seas. I am going to post details of these centres of awesomeness as and when I get them.

First off we have Matt Mecham, here is what he wrote -

Hi Davie,

I workout from a spare room in the house. All my kit is stowed away when not in use so no pics as such

Area: Peterborough PE3
Kit: KBs - 12kg 16kg 24kg
DBs: Bowflex 2-21kg
Weights: Bar and 160kg plates (20s, 10s, down to 0.50kgs)
Woody bands (black, blue, red, green)
Jump Rope
Chin Bar
Eilte Rings
York Squat Stands
Bench (flat/decline/incline)
5kg Med Ball

Do all kinds of stuff from olly lifts to metcons

Never stepped foot into a globo gym and never will.

- Matt Mecham

What is a Hobo Gym?

What is a Hobo Gym?

 I get asked that every time I tell people where I train.
The answer I give is the same - Its an awesome place to train!

My Hobo Gym is a very large garden shed that was built for me by my father in law and sits in my garden. It is actually 2 sheds joined together - not very well as it leaks when it rains. It is 15ft long and 7ft wide with the highest part of the ceiling at around 9 1/2 feet

In it I have enough kit to do any workout that I want -

Olympic bars and Plates
Squat stands
Dumbbells from 1kg up to 42.5kg
Sandbag and beer keg
Concept 2 rower
Plyo Box
Kettlebells - 8kg, 12kg, 16kg, 24kg and 32kg
Captain of Crush Grippers and Fat Handle for single hand deadlifts
Power Cage ( in the garden)
Tractor tire ( in garden too)

It is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, has one light inside

And you know what...I wont ever train in a normal gym again!

I am putting together a collection of different Hobo Gyms from around the U.K and also from over seas so if you have photos of yours send them to and I will feature them on here.

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