Friday, 16 July 2010

Damien Murphys gym, West Lothian Scotland

This fantastic set up is the garage gym of Damien Murphy, who I know from the Warrior Training forum.

A great looking Hobo Gym, complete with semi-naked girlie poster

My hobo gym

75lb sandbag
dragging sled
sledge hammer
homemade reverse hyper for squat cage
7kg med ball
model D concept 2 rower
8kg clubbell
lots of rope and chain
plyo boxes from 14" to 28"
40lb weight vest
some skipping ropes
ironwoody bands
big lumps of concrete for lifting


7' + 5' olympic bars
2x olympic dumbell handles
2x thick handled dumbbell handles
hex dumbells in pairs from 12.5kg to 25kg
approx 400kg of olympic plates from 200g to 25kg.
approx 120kg of stadard plates
2x diy adjustable kettlebell handles 4kg to 42kg
squat cage with pull up bar and dip handles
gym rings
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