Thursday, 15 July 2010

Chris C's Hobo Gym

Got this email from Chris C in Newbury, England. Another awesome Hobo Gym

Hey dude, Thought I'd add my wee setup to the list of awesomeness on your blog. My hobo's my shed, or at least half of it. 

Location: Newbury, Berkshire.


Kettlebells - 12kg, 2 x 16kg, 24, 32
Med balls - 6,7 & 9kg
Bars + 193kg of plates
Hex dumbbells - 12.5kg, 15kg, 20kg
Power tower

Sledgehammer + tyre for hitting.

Rings (usually hanging off the apple tree)

Jump ropes


Squat rack

Rower (sadly not a CII).

Plus, just outside there's a scaffold A-frame for pullups etc. and a wall ball target made from a scaffoldling plank.

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  1. This setup looks almost like my husbands hobo gym. I always thought it was a bad idea but after a few workouts, you get the same good workout as if you were using the expensive machines. The only thing I added was a treadmill (proform pro 4500) because we can't figure out an alternative besides running in the snow.