Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Super Macs Gym - The Hobo Hurt Locker

The Hobo Hurt Locker

Gym Location- Newport, South Wales

Owner- Andy McKenzie aka Super Mac


x2 Olympic Bars
300kg+ of weights both bumper and standard olympic
x1 Strongman Log (60kg)
BeaverFit Lifting Platform
BeaverFit Chin Up Rack
BeaverFit Weights Storage Rack

Beer Kegs x2
Sandbag 40kg
Various thick rope (32mm and 50mm manila)
Fat Gripz
x2 Cannon Balls
Wrist Roller and various pipes to blast the forearms!
Ab Roller Wheel
Farmers Walk Handles

DB Rack with DBs from 5kg to 30kg
KB x2 20kg and x2 16kg and x1 24kg
Wooden Indian Clubs x2
10kg Club x2
6kg Clubs x2
Woody Bands Green and Black Strength
Gymnastic Rings
BeaverFit Plyo boxes 200mm, 500mm and 600mm

Things that I will be getting soon-

Wall Ball Rack and frame on the wall that will have my gymnastic rings on for muscle ups!!
Airdyne Bike
New Plate rack with chalk bowl and bar holders

Cardio- is my driveway which is a nice little hill- perfect for my Snatch and Hill Sprint Session- 50kg 20 reps down to 1....Nice!
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